Our Spiritual Views

The Spirituality of Marriage Rediscovery

Marriage Rediscovery, first and foremost, welcomes and embraces people of all faith tradition, as well as those of no faith, without any form of judgement. Our program is based on Christian biblical principles with regard to relationships, but not tied to any specific denomination.

How Our Spiritual Views Relate to Christians Participating in our Program

Christians of all denominations have beliefs based in tradition, which divide the Church. However, when it comes to purely biblical concepts, especially in how they relate to the covenant of marriage, the vast majority of Christian biblical teachings are shared among almost all denominations. Our program focuses on these common beliefs, and stays away from specific denominational tradition.

How Our Spiritual Views Relate to Non-Christians Participating in our Program

While our program is based on Christian teachings, none of it is done in a way to attempt to convert anyone to any belief system. In fact, we specifically believe that true Christian teaching is about welcoming and loving all, regardless of who they are and what they believe. We believe, as Christians, that we are not capable of converting anyone to any spiritual belief system, nor should we try. We are simply to be who we are. Our belief is to meet people where they are, and help them, period. We do this based on biblical principles of love, acceptance, patience, and forgiveness.

What is your position on unmarried, cohabiting couples?

We do not believe that marriage is a document you sign in city hall. We believe that marriage is a covenant. We welcome cohabiting couples with open arms. During our program, we do address the concept of a covenant marriage, and make the case for why we believe it matters. But we leave it for couples participating to take these messages as part of a whole set of concepts, and apply them personally as they believe.

How Do You Address Same-Sex Relationships?

Marriage Rediscovery is dedicated to helping both healthy and struggling marriages by all sorts of means, and based in biblical principles. We encourage and welcome anyone to attend our events. However, it is very important to note that all of our material is geared toward biblical marriage of a man and a woman, and referred to in those terms. All of our presentations are also presented by traditionally married couples, and they share from that perspective. If a same-sex couple chooses to attend, they should be comfortable with the biblically-based program we provide. With this in mind, we do believe that our program can easily be adapted to be of great benefit for same-sex marriages, and would be happy to provide materials to help in such an endeavor.