How We Began

Where it all Started

There are many websites and programs out there to help marriages based on various states of marriage, various religious affiliations, and many other factors. Some of these are more intense, and some are very casual. 

Similarly, there are all sorts of websites that offer marriage and relationship advice and encouragement. But there is a disjointed nature between them. It is difficult to find a one-stop centralized place, regardless of the state of your relationship, what your are looking for, or your religious affiliation. Seeing this gap, we elected to try and fill it.

The “we” in Marriage Rediscovery is a group of couples in the United States and Canada that served in various leadership roles in a ministry called Retrouvaille. Retrouvaille is a ministry that offers weekend intensive programs for struggling couples, followed by a series of follow-up sessions. It is a fantastic program that is Catholic oriented, but allows all married couples to attend.

Help for couples in any stage of their relationship

While the founders of Marriage Rediscovery have great love in their hearts for Retrouvaille, we believed that a cooperative ministry that fills gaps not filled by Retrouvaille could bring more good to the world. We further believe that we can create additional resources that are not available within Retrouvaille’s framework, and also bring more attention to marriage ministries and programs like Retrouvaille, as well as many others.

Along our journey, we found an abundance of resources out there in addition to the Retrouvaille ministry. For couples in crisis that are looking for a Catholic-focused program to help them, we strongly recommend and support Retrouvaille.

For those not in crisis, or looking for a program that is not necessarily Catholic-focused, we decided to bring this site online to highlight other available programs that may be of interest.

The Marriage Rediscovery Program

To even better meet this broader need, Marriage Rediscovery is working on its own content that incorporates many of those additional resources, offering enrichment for those in relationships that are not necessarily in crisis, while also providing powerful healing power for relationships that are in deep crisis. Additionally, we are working to build a library with a tremendous amount of free online help, a place for mentoring, and a place for greater inspiration. Finally, many marriage ministries restrict themselves to serving married couples. Marriage Rediscovery, understanding the complexities of relationships and society, is open to all, regardless of marital status.

How we define "Marriage"

Marriage Rediscovery strongly believes in covenant marriage, but also welcomes committed couples that don’t necessarily have a “legal marriage certificate” to participate in the website and attend our weekend programs.  While we may help promote some third party programs that require a couple to be legally married, our own program, once developed, will hopefully provide an example that inspires committed, but unmarried couples to enter into a covenant marriage, and those that are not currently may find themselves looking for that greater level of commitment after participating in our program.

Truly Multi Denominational

Marriage Rediscovery is strictly multi-denominational. While all we do comes from a Christian perspective, it is biblical in nature, without any leaning toward any specific denominational tradition. Furthermore, our goal is to embrace all who seek help, regardless of faith or lack thereof. We are primarily about helping relationships thrive.

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