Our Philosophy

What We're Doing Here

Quite simply, we are here to help couples improve their relationships. Every relationship goes through a series of stages. At first, you have incurable love for one another, and no matter what anyone tells you, love is all you need.

But as any relationship matures, reality sets in, and you start to really see your differences, move toward your own individual goals, and find that it really isn’t s easy as you thought it would be. If he or she would only change, we would be back where we were.

Eventually, most relationships find a balance, and a sense of stability sets in. For the most part, you get used to each other, and you go about your daily business perhaps raising a family, but really living your own lives. Together, but not really together.

This period can last years, or even your lifetime. It can be seen as the stability of your relationship, but slowly, most couples tend to isolate themselves more and more. Some go their entire life like this, as very few couples realize this and find help. Those that do so successfully can find their way to a transformation in their relationship, in which they learn to live in a new kind of harmony, even getting back to much of the romance and passion they once had.

Sadly, most couples don’t. Eventually that stability has them on diverging paths, until they just accept this “stability” and live out their lives, missing out on their potential as a couple.

Yet for many, this leads to some sort of explosion. A game changer, in which their relationship falls apart, or they find themselves seeking crisis help. No matter how bad it is, thousands of couples in this misery stage can still pick up the pieces, no matter how bad it gets as long as both are willing to try. Often, in doing so, they can reach that transformative stage and find themselves closer than ever, with knowledge behind them that has them both looking back, thinking “Never again.“

Yet others, roughy 50% of the married couples out there, decide to give up. They hit those really rocky times, and cannot see themselves trusting and forgiving, or they believe they have simply fallen out of love, so they end it. They never find out what may have been possible. After all, that incurable love was there before, and the same person is still there. You just need a way to find one another again.

Love is a Minefield & We Have a Map

In any relationship, the road you walk together is a minefield. Some are just lucky, or are born with the innate skills to sense those mines along the way. But those people are few and far between. Those stages of Reality and Rebellion are full of mines. The Stability stage if full of extremely well-hidden mines! Eventually, chances are that as a couple, you will step on one, and get to the misery stage.

So many things can bring you there, often no fault of either, and often a symptom of loneliness. That misery can come from an illness, the death of a loved one, family of origin issues, abuse, addiction, infidelity, and even the subtle process of simply drifting apart.

The map we offer at Marriage Rediscovery is one that you can pick up at any of these stages. All you need to do is read it and walk the path of your relationship by it. It is a map that, no mater where your relationship is, can lead you to transcendence.

If you are still filled with passion, grab ahold of it to assure you don’t step on any mines.

If you are in Reality, Rebellion, or Stability, use the map to move yourself out of these places toward transcendence.

If your relationship is in crisis, you have stepped on a mine, and are in the misery phase, take a deep breath and know that no matter how bad it seems, no matter how hopeless… this map can guide you through building trust, achieving forgiveness, fostering commitment, and can bring your relationship into transcendence and a return to romantic love for one another. It may seem impossible as you read this, but we see it daily.

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