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Information for Retrouvaille Couples Seeking Information about Marriage Rediscovery

Many couples from within the Retrouvaille ministry may wonder what Marriage Rediscovery is and how it may affect the Retrouvaille ministry. There is a great deal of speculation based on incomplete information. This page in intended to help clarify what Marriage Rediscovery is, and how it relates to Retrouvaille.

Retrouvaille is a Marriage Program. Marriage Rediscovery is a Marriage Help Platform and a Program

Retrouvaille provides a wonderful program of a weekend plus followup sessions to help struggling marriages, and focuses specifically on its own program and couples that attend it.  Marriage Rediscovery is first and foremost a platform for marriage enrichment and help, which may often create more awareness of the Retrouvaille Program and encourage couples to attend it.  However, it does not limit itself to helping promote Retrouvaille.  Instead, it is dedicated to help couples find what best suits their needs and desires.  Additionally, the creators of Marriage Rediscovery have found many programs for good marriages, and several for marriages in crisis.  But there is little for everyone in-between.  Similarly, many of the programs focus on a specific religious denomination, and have many rules that disqualify some committed couples from attending.  With that in mind, Marriage Rediscovery is developing a program to fill those gaps.

Does Marriage Rediscovery Compete with Retrouvaille?

No.  This is described in greater detail below, but this is a big fear among many that serve in Retrouvaille.  The Retrouvaille program focuses on providing help for struggling married couples.  Marriage Rediscovery is a a platform that will actively promote this in an effort to help Retrouvaille get the word out significantly more, and help more couples than ever.  

However, there are segments of couples that Retrouvaille does not serve, and Marriage Rediscovery is creating a program for that segment.  First, Retrouvaille’s program presumes a couple is in a struggling marriage.  In doing so, many couples that are not in crisis are not attracted to the kind of help Retrouvaille can provide.  Marriage Rediscovery’s program is being developed to attract those couples that are not in a blissful relationship, but would not consider their marriages in crisis.  Additionally, Retrouvaille does not serve committed cohabiting couples.  Marriage Rediscovery’s program will allow for this, while making a clear case to help couples see the value in a marriage covenant. 

When couples are on the MR website, if their needs are in line with what Retrouvaille offers, the website is geared to help direct them specifically to the Retrouvaille program.  To help increase awareness of Retrouvaille

With Respect to Marriage Rediscovery's Weekend Program:

How are Retrouvaille & Marriage Rediscovery Similar?

How are Retrouvaille & Marriage Rediscovery Different?


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