Marriage Help Retreats

Finding the Right Marriage Retreat

There are many marriage retreats and several marriage help programs.  Each tends to focus on marriages in specific stages, or on a specific religion.  We will discuss the more common ones here.

Marriage Encounter

There are several organizations that operate under the Marriage Encounter name.  The largest is Worldwide Marriage Encounter.  It specifically focuses on couples in good marriages, and enriching them to make them even better.  It is also specifically Roman Catholic.  There are other groups operating under the Marriage Encounter name that are associated with other Christian denominations.  You can read more here.


Retrouvaille is an organization that sprouted from Marriage Encounter in the 1970’s.  It was founded by a group of couples that saw a need for a program like Marriage Encounter, but addressed marriages that were in severe distress, dealing with separation, infidelity, addiction, and more.  Retrouvaille was created to be a program to save marriages.  Like Marriage Encounter, it is predominantly Roman Catholic, with peer couples and a priest presenting the program.  But unlike Marriage Encounter, it presumes attending couples are in marital distress.  You can read more here.

Weekend to Remember

Weekend to Remember is more of a marriage conference of sorts, and weekends are offered nationwide.  It is Christian Multi-denominational, and invites virtually anyone to come, regardless of the stage their relationship is in.  While Marriage Encounter and Retrouvaille typically have 15 to 30 couples on a weekend, Weekend to Remember has hundreds. The programming is also not nearly as deep.  For most topics, to go deeper, you are referred to a pop-up bookstore that is setup at all of the events.  Weekend to Remember might be considered more fo a light and fun weekend for couples to attend. 

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