We’re in a Happy Marriage


Having a happy and joyful marriage is one of the greatest accomplishments of life. Most couples start off in wedded bliss, but over time life tends to get in the way, and things tend to settle into a pattern of marriage stages that can be dangerous for the relationship.

Some couples seem to have that natural natural instinctual understanding of how to keep their marriage in a wonderful state. Like everyone else, they have their ups and downs, but they naturally know how get out of those little ruts and disagreements. People see these couples often as “soulmates,” but the reality is they naturally know how to communicate on a different level than most everyone in the world.

But It Isn't That Simple...

Even couples that have that natural tendency risk forgetting it through unforeseen events. High stress in the job, illness, death of a family member, a financial crisis. All of these things can quickly impede that natural tendency for one or both spouses. And since it was a natural tendency, they have no idea what hit them. Often, one spouse thinks everything is wonderful, but the other is silently in pain. Often because they just don’t want to hurt or bother the person they love.

Most couples just don’t have that natural tendency. There is nothing wrong with them. Actually, this is more normal. Eventually they can’t help but wonder “what changed?” “Where did the spark go?”

Risks You Can Avoid

Most couples are happy, until they are not. You may be reading this with the strongest of marriages, but unforeseen events and circumstances can bring sudden and unexpected stress to your relationship. More likely, it is small things that go untended over years, until you look back and wonder what happened.

The good news is that you can actually help insure your relationship in advance, proactively.

If you have that natural tendency, you can actually learn to identify it and consciously nurture it, so that should unforeseen circumstances put your relationship on the back burner, you know exactly how to get it back to where you need it.

For most couples that don’t have that natural tendency, there is wonderful news! It is not genetic. It is . skill that can be learned.

Getting Help before you Need Help

There all sorts of books and programs available to to help you get help before you need it. Think if this like an insurance policy. Often, the books and live programs compliment one another as the live marriage programs offer live testimony and practical application, while the books help you better absorb much of the information. Combined, making use of these is a fantastic insurance policy for your relationship.

Learn What Works

Stay active and read many of the articles for happily married couples.  Marriage takes an investment of work, so if you stay on top of it and keep problems from happening, you are ahead of the curve.

Help Others

if you have a wonderful relationship, share it with others that can benefit from you.  Have a look at our marriage discussion forums and consider helping someone that may not know where to turn, or may be struggling in an area you can help.

Resources Based on this Article

Worldwide Marriage Encounter offers a fantastic weekend program designed for couples who want to make their good marriage even better. Weekends can be found worldwide. It is Catholic-based, however people of all fait or no faith are welcome on the weekend.

Love Busters and His Needs Her Needs are two phenomenal books by Dr. Willard Harvey that truly help you understand the inner-working of your spouse and how to keep your relationship in check and maintain romantic love.

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