Dialogue Letter Template

Download a Dialogue Letter Template

Having trouble staying on track with dialogue letters?  Click below to download a template you can use.

  • Enter your email so that the finished dialogue letter can be emailed to you. You can also optionally enter your spouse's email to have it automatically sent to them as well.
  • Insert your (email) address
  • Insert your spouse's (email) address
  • Enter the dialogue question you and your spouse have decided to write on.
  • Optionally, write a brief prayer to help get you in the mindset for the dialogue letter.
  • Example: 'Dear John,' or 'My lovely Jane,'
  • It is good to write something nice your spouse has done lately that you appreciated.
  • Enter the feeling word that is invoked by this question
  • Use a physical sensation to desxcribe the feeling. Example: 'having butterflies in my stomach' or 'my lungs filling with fresh air'
  • Use an image to describe the feeling. Something from nature, a color, a movie etc.
  • Enter a memory you both share that invokes this feeling for you. Your spouse is most likely to connect with this.
  • End with a loving or caring line to show your appreciation.
  • Something like 'Love, John' or 'All my love, jane'
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