What is Marriage Rediscovery All About?

We are a nonprofit organization comprised of couples that have been called to help married couples experience true joy in their relationship.  In a world with declining marriage rates, increasing divorce rates, and increasing societal chaos, it is difficult to find help and enrichment. 

Our goal is to bring as much of that under one roof.

To that end, Marriage Rediscovery seeks to meet couples where they are in their relationship, and help steer them to all sorts of resources to help bring their relationship to the next level, and keep it improving.

  • For the couple that is living in marital bliss, we want to help keep it that way.
  • For the couple that is simply settled into the “realities of life,” we want to help re-ignite that spark.
  • For the couple that is facing some difficulties, we want to help them get through it with tools to bring them to the next level.
  • For struggling marriages, even those looking at divorce, we want to be a beacon of hope, full of resources to help bring them back to the love they one shared, and help keep them there.
  • For unmarried couples living in a committed relationship, we want to help build a foundation for their relationship and hopefully provide a source of encouragement that may bring them to make the decision to enter into a marriage covenant.

Our Mission

To help couples improve their marriage, regardless of the status of their relationship – be it a happy marriage or one in the divorce process. For couples preparing for marriage, we strive to help provide them the tools to equip them from the difficulties life will bring, and to face them together.

Our Values

We believe there is no marriage that cannot use help, and there is no marriage that is beyond repair.  We believe that whenever a relationship is stressed, no matter to what degree, the visible signs of that stress is a symptom of communication failure that can be restored with help and intention.

Bringing It All Together Under One Roof

There is no shortage of books that help couples in all of the areas we seek to help.  There are all sorts of marriage help programs and marriage retreats, and there is no shortage of websites for marriage enrichment or marriage help.  But these are all scattered to the point that it is often difficult to know what to look for, what is helpful, and what is not.

Since things are so scattered, Marriage Rediscovery came together to create a community to bring it all together. 

Here, if a marriage help program or retreat is something that might help you, the pages in this website will not only help you find one, but help filter out which is best for your needs.  

Specifically, Marriage Rediscovery operates the Retrouvaille Program in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.  Retrouvaille is a program designed for struggling marriages.  It is a weekend intensive program, followed by six weeks of weekly follow-up sessions.  It is not-for-profit, and all volunteer-run, as is Marriage Rediscovery itself. 

However, members of Marriage Rediscovery also volunteer in other marriage programs, such as Marriage Encounter, for couples that want to make a good marriage better, and Journey to Matrimony, a program for engaged couples to better prepare for marriage.

You will find a growing resource of helpful articles here that address all sorts of marital needs, from date night ideas, to how to deal with infidelity.  Each of these is written by either a professional in the field, or by a peer couple that is sharing their own success stories.

Who is Behind This?

Marriage Rediscovery was founded by a group of couples that served in leadership roles in Retrouvaille.  Our founders carry a deep love for their work with Retrouvaille. 

However, while we specifically do offer the Retrouvaille program, we wanted our website to be a greater resource for couples that are not necessarily in need of Retrouvaille but are still seeking answers.

In other words, we recognized that as one searches for marital help resources, there are all sorts of programs and websites for happy marriages, there are some for marriages that are in crisis, but there is a huge gap for those that are in relationships that are neither in marital bliss, nor crashing and burning.  That “in-between” place most couples are in.  Our goal is to provide a resource for all marriages, as well as those in preparation for marriage.

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