About Us

What's Marriage Rediscovery All About?

We are a nonprofit organization comprised of couples that have been called to help married couples experience true joy in their relationship.  In a world with declining marriage rates, increasing divorce rates, and a touch of societal chaos, it is difficult to find help and enrichment.  Our goal is to bring as much of that under one roof.

To that end, Marriage Rediscovery seeks to meet couples where they are in their relationship, and help steer them to all sorts of resources to help bring their relationship to the next level, and keep it improving.

Bringing it all together under one roof

There is no shortage of books that help couples in all of the areas we seek to help.  There are all sorts of marriage help programs, and marriage retreats, and there is no shortage of websites for marriage enrichment or marriage help.  But these are all scattered to the point that it is often difficult to know what to look for, what is helpful, and what is not.

Since things are so scattered, Marriage Rediscovery came together to create a community to bring it all together.  Here, if a marriage help program or retreat is something that might help you, the pages in this website will not only help you find one, but help filter out which is best for your needs.  

You will find a growing resource of helpful articles here that address all sorts of marital needs, from date night ideas, to how to deal with infidelity.  Each of these is written by either a professional in the field, or by a peer couple that is sharing their own success stories.

You will find a community discussion forum, where you can browse discussions and ask questions, offer advice, and even find mentor couples that may help you bring your relationship to the next level.

Who is Behind this?

Marriage Rediscovery was founded by a group of couples that served in leadership roles in a global marriage ministry called Retrouvaille.  Retrouvaille is a marriage ministry that provides a Catholic-focused marriage program specifically for married couples that are having significant struggles in their marriage.  Our founders carry a deep love for the work Retrouvaille does, and continue to volunteer in that ministry as well. 

However, we saw a growing need for so much more.  For one, we had a desire to take a more ecumenical approach, something that fully embraces all faith expressions.  We also saw a need to go beyond helping married couples, but also those in committed relationships that are not necessarily married. We also recognized that Retrouvaille was one of many resources for couples in various stages of their relationship, and wanted to create a portal to help promote all sorts of marriage help resources, meeting each couple where they are in their relationship.

Finally, we recognized that as one searches for marital help resources, there are all sorts of programs and websites for happy marriages, there are some for marriages that are in crisis, but there is a huge gap for those that are in relationships that are neither in marital bliss, nor crashing and burning.  That “in-between” place most couples are in.  In addition to all we provide on this website, we are also working on developing a weekend retreat and online curriculum that fills that gap.

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