What is the state of your relationship?

We are in a Happy Marriage

We are doing well, and want to make sure it stays that way. We want to be proactive to assure that we don't fall into the pit that causes so many relationships to fail. We just don't want to take any chances.​

We've Lost The Spark

We still love each other, but something is missing. Life gets in the way of our relationship, we have some disagreements we can't seem to resolve, and maybe we take each other too much for granted.​

We're In Trouble​

If we don't do something soon, this is not going to last. Or perhaps we are just at the end of our rope. Or maybe we have tried it all, separated, and want to give it another shot, but know we need to know how.​

What You Will Find Here...

Marriage Help Weekends

Coming Soon: We will be offering weekend retreats nationwide to help couples get away and look at their lives together, while learning to communicate on an entirely new level. Whether your relationship simply needs a boost, or you are at the end of your rope, the weekend retreat can bring miracles.

Small-Group Marriage Support

Coming Soon: Both online and offline, we will offer both live and virtual communities, in which you can participate in relationship-building webinars, small-group meetups, and even find sponsor couples to help you through your more difficult times, no matter how difficult or benign they may be.

Marriage Enrichment Blog

From a different perspective on relational issues, to date night ideas, and everything in-between, our blog is a place to keep coming back to really keep your relationship grouping, and out of the stagnant zone. Follow our blog for new ideas that help you stay on track with your relationship, family, and so much more.

Relationship-Boosting Articles​

Our marriage help articles section is a place in which you can find all sorts of advice to take your relationship to the next level, and keep it moving forward. Each article is peer-written. These are not full of relationship advise from professionals that have studied it, but from peers that have lived it, and continue to do so.

Crisis Help Articles

For those in struggling marriages, or relationships in crisis, for whatever reason, we offer articles that not only help guide you out of the darkness, but reach an entirely new level. Be it addiction, infidelity, or just living separate lives, we have tailor made help from authors that have been through ti themselves.

A Dynamic Peer-Help Community

You are never alone, no matter what your situation is. So we have created a place for visitors to our website to help one another in every area of relationship needs. Our forums are a place for you to add your voice, and either find the help you seek, or be a beacon of light for someone else

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