So much goes into making the Retrouvaille program happen, and the more couples willing to pitch in, the better it runs.  If you feel the desire to help, there are all sorts of ways you can.  Please let us know where you may be willing to help, and we will reach out.

  • This is an area where all presenting couples said they received the most healing. Writing and sharing your story with others is an important way to keep our Retrouvaille Community thriving. We will call you with information and requirements to help you decide when you're ready, and you will ease into this gently, with plenty of help. This will not be a "sudden" venture. Be assured that 90% of each "talk" is already written by Retrouvaille in outline templates, and you insert your words, your piece here and there. We stress that writing your own "Personal Story" and working on writing just one of the weekend talks is one of the best things you could ever do for your own marriage.
  • We suggest writing and presenting some Post sessions first, but the rewards of being one of the presenting couples on a weekend simply cannot be measured.
  • We are a team, and we need as much help as possible when it comes to setting up Weekends, as well as breaking them down.
  • This couple has storage space where we can keep our weekend supplies. This includes our sound system, presentation TV, Post books, Weekend Books, Notepads, Pens, Banners, Tissue, etc. This couple would bring these to the weekend location when the weekend starts, and bring them back to storage when it is over. They would also make sure we are never short on supplies.
  • If you have talents with PR, marketing, or social media, we are always in need of couples to build a team to get the word out. Remember, we are a non-profit with no advertising budget, so publicity in every way possible is our only way to get the word out, and we need as much as possible.
  • The Post Coordinating couple makes sure that we have assigned couples to present each Post session, and sets up the online Post sessions, makes sure presenters have links, etc.
  • This couple would coordinate all of our CORE gatherings, choose who will present the CORE, and sent out a newsletter letting people know when our next CORE will be.
  • If you have an accounting background, we are always looking for people to help s with our bookkeeping. Remember, we are all volunteer non-profit, but we have many real-world expenses and reporting requirements.
  • When you registered for the weekend, you had a couple give you information, talk to you, and be there for anything you needed before the weekend. Ideally this is shared by several couples.
  • This couple would take care of making sure that we have prayer letters for all of the couples on the weekend. You would send an email to all of the couples on our mailing list asking them for prayer letters, and assigning them couples to pray for. You would then collect the prayer letters and make sure we have them on the weekend.
  • This couple reaches out to the other Retrouvaille communities worldwide when we are about to have a weekend, and asks them to email prayer letters for our weekend. You will have access to a message board where all Retrouvaille communities put in these requests.
  • Write letters of encouragement to couples attending the weekends and remember to pray for them throughout the weekend and the post sessions. Full details and a template will be supplied to you.
  • Letting your Pastor/Minister/ Rabbi, know about Retrouvaille; Help him/her to pass the information on to other hurting couples. It is also helpful to get information about Retrouvaille printed in your church's weekly bulletin to help spread the word to others in your community, or to have Retrouvaille brochures available for them (we provide them).
  • If you have a location where you think we can do live Post sessions, please let us know. The reuirements are: It must have tables and chairs that can accommodate up to 60 people in a classroom format, it must have Internet so we can also offer our online sessions at the same time, and it should be centrally located considering that we get couples from the entire Tampa Bay area. Consider we would need the location for 18 to 24 Sunday afternoons per year
  • Ideally this would be the same location as the Post sessions if possible. Our CORE gatherings are usually on Sunday evenings, but we can adjust if needed. Ideally this would be once per month.
  • Please tell us in the comments section below.
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