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Imagine this: you’ve just discovered your partner has been unfaithful. Your world is shattered, and trust seems like a distant memory. It’s a heart-wrenching situation that no one ever wants to face, but sadly, it’s all too common. With infidelity on the rise, couples everywhere are grappling with how to save their marriages. But don’t lose hope; there’s a way to mend the broken pieces and rebuild trust. Combining counseling for infidelity and the transformative power of Retrouvaille has been the key for thousands.

The Uncomfortable Truth About Infidelity

Infidelity is an ugly word, but it’s a reality for many couples. The American Psychological Association estimates that around 20-40% of married men and 10-25% of married women have cheated on their partners at some point. These numbers are a stark reminder that infidelity is not an isolated issue.

So, what can you do when you find yourself in the midst of this devastating situation? You seek help. And one of the most effective ways to begin the healing process is through counseling for infidelity and also participating in the Retrouvaille program for struggling marriages.

The Power of Counseling for Infidelity

Counseling for infidelity is a specialized form of therapy that helps couples navigate  marriage counselingthe turbulent waters of betrayal. It’s a safe space where both partners can express their feelings, gain insights, and work together to rebuild trust. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every couple is unique, and so are the issues they face.

Real-Life Example: Tom and Lisa

Take Tom and Lisa, for example. They’d been married for 15 years when Tom had a brief affair with a coworker. Lisa was devastated, and their marriage seemed beyond repair. But instead of giving up, they decided to try counseling for infidelity.

During therapy, they discovered the root cause of Tom’s infidelity was not a lack of love for Lisa, but rather unaddressed emotional needs. Their counselor suggested that they also attend a Retrouvaille program to help them learn how to better understand how to communicate their emotions through Retrouvaille’s successful technique. By understanding the underlying issues, they were able to work on strengthening their emotional connection, which built trust, helped achieve forgiveness, and ultimately led to a healthier, more fulfilling marriage.

Introducing Retrouvaille: A Lifeline for Struggling Couples

If you’re looking for a structured, proven program to guide you through the healing process, look no further than Retrouvaille. Originally founded in 1977 in Quebec, Canada, Retrouvaille (pronounced “ret-roo-vi”) is a French word that means “rediscovery.” The program has helped tens of thousands of couples across the globe rediscover their love and commitment, even after the worst of marital breakdowns.

The Retrouvaille Experience

Retrouvaille is more than just a weekend retreat. It’s a comprehensive program couple needs counselingdesigned to help struggling couples rediscover their love, learn effective communication skills, and heal from the pain of infidelity. The program begins with a weekend intensive experience, followed by a series of follow-up sessions spread over several months.

During the weekend, couples learn practical tools and techniques to help them rebuild trust, communicate effectively, and foster emotional intimacy. These skills are essential for healing from infidelity and creating a strong, lasting bond.

Perhaps most interesting is that couples do not share their troubles with others. It is completely anonymous, and the team that presents the program shares their own stories in a way that helps the couple do it on their own, without the need to confess private or embarrassing personal experiences with others.

To learn more about upcoming Retrouvaille programs, visit Marriage Rediscovery’s Programs page.

Real-Life Example: Jason and Emily

Jason and Emily’s marriage was on the rocks after Jason discovered Emily had been having an affair. Both were unsure if their relationship could survive, but they decided to give Retrouvaille a try.

During the program, they learned how to communicate their feelings, fears, and needs more effectively. They also discovered that many of the issues they were facing stemmed from unresolved past hurts. As they worked through these issues, their bond grew stronger, and they began to rebuild trust, which helped Jason achieve forgiveness.

After completing the Retrouvaille program, Jason and Emily found that their marriage had not only survived but had emerged even stronger than before. They credit Retrouvaille for giving them the tools and support they needed to heal and rebuild their relationship.

The Importance of Support Networks

While counseling for infidelity and programs like Retrouvaille can be transformative, it’s crucial to remember that the healing process doesn’t happen in isolation. Support networks, including friends, family, and community members, play a critical role in the journey toward healing and rediscovery.

CORE Support groupsDon’t be afraid to reach out to those who care about you. Talking to others who have been through similar experiences can provide valuable insights and encouragement. Many couples find solace in support groups, where they can share their stories and learn from the experiences of others.

Retrouvaille communities have such groups, known as “CORE” (Continuing Our Retrouvaille Experience) that generally have gatherings monthly in cities all over the world.  Here, couples find a judgment-free place where they know the other couples are there with the same goal: To help each other through their common bond.

To learn more about the CORE support networks available through Retrouvaille, visit the Marriage Rediscovery’s About page.

Putting It All Together: The Road to Rebuilding Trust

Counseling for infidelity and programs like Retrouvaille can pave the way to healing and rebuilding trust. But it’s essential to remember that the journey is not a linear process. There will be ups and downs, setbacks, and breakthroughs.

As you embark on this journey, remember to be patient with yourself and your partner. Healing takes time, and trust cannot be rebuilt overnight. But with dedication, open communication, and the right support, you can overcome the pain of infidelity and forge a stronger, more resilient bond.

So, if you find yourself in the aftermath of infidelity, don’t despair. Reach out for help, explore counseling for infidelity, and consider enrolling in a Retrouvaille program. You may just find that your marriage can not only survive but thrive in ways you never thought possible.

The Retrouvaille Program is a weekend retreat and follow-up program designed to help struggling couples improve their communication, rebuild trust, and rediscover their emotional connection.

While traditional counseling for infidelity focuses on individual sessions to address the emotional fallout, the Retrouvaille Program offers a holistic approach with group support, practical exercises, and communication techniques to foster healing and reconciliation.

The Retrouvaille Program reinforces the principles learned in counseling for infidelity by providing couples with a safe environment to practice communication, trust-building, and emotional healing.

While the Retrouvaille Program can be beneficial on its own, many couples find it most effective when combined with professional counseling for infidelity to address the underlying emotional and psychological issues.  That said, it is not uncommon at all for many couples to heal their marriage through Retrouvaille alone, without marriage counseling for infidelity.

The program consists of a weekend retreat, followed by six follow-up sessions held over the course of 2-3 months.

The Retrouvaille Program is designed for couples facing various relationship challenges, including infidelity. However, each couple’s needs and circumstances are unique, and the program may not be suitable for everyone.

While specific success rates for infidelity cases are unavailable, thousands of couples have reported significant healing in their relationships after participating in the Retrouvaille Program.  A key factor is that both the husband and wife need to give it their all, and often that desire to heal actually begins after the weekend.

While Retrouvaille facilitators are not professional therapists, they are trained in the program’s principles and have personal experience overcoming relationship challenges, including infidelity.  In other words, they are normal couples themselves that have themselves had their marriages healed through the Retrouvaille program. In fact, they are all volunteering their time and care for no monetary compensation.

The cost of the program varies by location and typically covers accommodation, meals, and materials for the weekend retreat. Typically the registration is lower than the actual cost for the program, which is helped by the fact that Retrouvaille is an all-volunteer program.  Financial assistance may be available for couples in need, and additional donations are kindly accepted to help defray those costs.  Retrouvaille is also a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Couples can visit the official Retrouvaille website ( to find upcoming programs and contact information for local program dates.  In the southeastern United states, this website is an addition resource.


Infidelity can leave couples feeling lost and unsure of how to move forward. But through counseling for infidelity and the transformative power of the Retrouvaille program, many couples have found a way to heal, rebuild trust, and create a more fulfilling relationship.

By integrating the Retrouvaille Program into their healing journey, couples can benefit from a comprehensive approach to counseling for infidelity, working towards rebuilding trust and nurturing a stronger relationship.

Don’t give up on your marriage; take the first step towards healing and rediscovery today.

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